The Lord’s Purpose is Accomplished Through Him


  Isaiah 53: 10-12 (NET)

Though the Lord desired to crush Him and make him ill, once restitution is made, He will see descendants and enjoy long life, and the Lord’s purpose will be accomplished through Him.

Having suffered, He will reflect on His work, He will be satisfied when He understands what He has done. My servant will acquit many, for He carried their sins.

So I will assign Him a portion with the multitudes, He will divide the spoils of victory with the powerful, because He willingly submitted to death and was numbered with the rebels, when He lifted up the sin of many and intervened on behalf of the rebels.


Slowly re-read the scripture. Think about it and how it applies to you.


Respond to the Lord in thankfulness for His sacrificial death for our sins.


Finally, simply rest in the Word of God and in His presence. Abide in the Lord and allow Him to abide in you by and through His Word.