Spiritual Transformation Through   Sacred Reading

During a time of solitude, meditate on His Word. Wait on Him to give direction and strength. Allow silence, solitude and meditation to become to you a “vehicle of transformation.”[1]
The Lectio Divina (sacred reading) methodology is an excellent biblical meditation practice to use on the journey toward spiritual transformation.  Sacred reading consists of four elements:
1)      Lectio (reading). Read a passage of scripture of your choice. If you can’t decide on a verse of scripture to read, ask the Holy Spirit to give you a verse or passage of scripture. Wait. Listen. He will bring to your consciousness a verse of Scripture.
2)      Meditatio (meditation). Meditate on the scripture. Boa elaborates on meditation as being a time to “saturate and immerse yourself in the word, to luxuriate in its living waters, and to receive the words as an intimate and personal message from God.”[2]
3)      Oratio (prayer). After meditation on the scripture, pray to LORD about it. Thank Him for the Word and ask for further insight.
4)      Contemplatio (contemplation). Contemplation is silence in the presence of God.  Wait in silence for the voice of the LORD. I agree with the Psalmist, “My soul, wait in silence for God only, for my hope is from Him.”[3] Boa states that contemplation is the fruit of the first three elements; “it is the communion that is born out of our reception of divine truth in our minds and hearts.[4]
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  1. Very nice. We always practiced this (sort of) along with Compline at our women’s retreats. Thanks so much for the follow. I look forward to seeing you around the blogs. 🙂