Scripture Meditation vs. Scripture Memorization

When you meditate on or listen to Scripture, your inner self (your spirit, your heart) receives more than when you simply read and memorize a scripture. To memorize a Scripture verse, you read it over and over, with your conscious mind. You are successful. You memorized the verse. But what does it mean to you? Do you know? Have you thought about what it means to you, on a day by day, real life basis? Have you been inspired, edified, and spiritually transformed?

Meditation on scripture will clarify its meaning to you and show you how it applies to your life.  When you meditate on scripture, you use your subconscious mind and allow the Word to sink into your heart, your inner self, your spirit. You absorb the scripture. You think about it. You take your time with it. You engage with the Word. You personalize it and apply it to yourself. You ask questions. For example, let us meditate on Philippians 4:19 (WEB):

My God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.  

Read the verse three or four times. Think about what you have just read. Stay with the verse. Allow it to rest in your inner self. Then, silently ask these questions to yourself:

  • Who will supply? God.
  • Whose need will God supply? Your need.
  • How much of your need will God supply? All of your need.
  • How will God supply all of your need? According to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.
  • Where are His riches? In glory — the Kingdom of Heaven — God’s magnificent storehouse of endless, unlimited supply.

By meditating on Philippians 4:19 you receive enhanced understanding and illumination. You realize that God is your source. Not your salary. Not the government. Not your customers or clients. Not your man. Not your woman. Not your parents. God is your source. God is the source for the daily needs of your existence. When the economy fails, when you lose your job, when your company downsizes, when your significant other leaves, you still have God. God supplies all your need.

The origin of God’s supply is not limited by earthly constraints. God’s supply is gloriously unlimited. Most significantly, access to God’s glorious, unlimited supply is derived by and through your relationship with and in Christ.

Meditate on each Scripture verse you read, particularly the scriptural text which resonates with you at any particular moment. Make the text personal to you. Apply it to your life. Your spirit will be transformed. Remember:

Scripture meditation leads to spiritual transformation.